Picture-Sandalwood fireplace 001

Sandalwood Stone is a beautiful silt stone that features an elegant balance of brown and blond tones that mimic the movements in wood.

This enduring silt stone is incredibly dense, creating a stone of high integrity. Because of its solidarity and density, sandalwood stone allows for a high reflection polish and a very soft hone.  Sandalwood is also available in a leather (brushed) finish.  This stone can also have a blue-grey deposit that brings a nice contrast to the stone’s earth tones.

This web site includes just a small selection of Sandalwood applications, however, let ideas soar and imaginations run wild with this very versatile stone. Whether used in a log home to accentuate the rustic environment or in a modern atmosphere to balance the tones, sandalwood is a durable and readily available option.

Sandalwood stone is found and quarried right here in the US and is processed by Bella Quarries in Grand Junction CO.  Our company, Robert Stone, Inc., is the processing plant that distributes this stone. We also provide a gorgeous sand stone from southern Utah called Bermuda Dunes and many other natural stones that are also USA quarried.

Bermuda Dunes are a very hard sandstone that has beautiful movement and elegance. It can be rustic or sophisticated. This stone is one of a kind extracted right out of southern Utah.  The light blond is accented with rolling hills of deeper browns, perfect for making accented river sinks or elaborate powder bath vanities. This stone also holds up to ware and tear both indoors and out.

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