Picture-Sandalwood fireplace 001

Sandalwood Stone is a beautiful silt stone that is quarried right here in the US and processed by Bella Quarries in Grand Junction CO. This stone features a elegant balance of brown and blond tones that mimic the movements of wood.

This enduring silt stone is so dense, it allows for a perfect miter to be performed in any application. And because of its hardness and density, it allows for a high reflection polish and a very soft hone.  This stone can also have blue-grey deposit that helps bring contrast to the stone. This web site is a limited sample of Sandalwood stone application. Your imagination can continue with its uses.

Robert Stone, Inc. is the owner of the processing plant that distributes this stone as well as a gorgeous sand stone from southern Utah call Bermuda Dunes and other natural stones quarried right here in the United States of America.  

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